Miguel Angel Santiago Jr.

Miguel Angel Santiago Jr.

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First Name * Miguel
Last Name * Angel Santiago Jr.
Username * migusan76
Country * USA
Languages EnglishSpanish


Current Position Artist;Lighter;Modeller;Programmer;Renderer
Areas of Expertise VFX
Preferred Tools


Availability: Freelance
Website www.digiteck3d.com


Hi, my name is Miguel Angel Santiago Jr. I'd like to introduce myself as a strong minded person with a true passion for the arts. I spent my entire years of childhood drawing. I also spent most of my time playing and growing up with Nintendo 8-bit, being inspired by all the great 80's cartoons. One day, I found my true passion for computer animation. It started as an innocent curiosity and grew into an obsession. Now like most Artists out there, I spend most of my time studying to reach that ultimate goal of true mastery of my craft


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